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Cannot recommend these guys enough. The hard shell boxes make packing, moving and unpacking exponentially easier. Paul and Doran are both also consumate professionals, extremely punctual, efficient and responsive. They called to coordinate drop off and found a time that worked best for us. Pick up was also effortless, a quick email and they were there promptly. The boxes, moving trolleys and all equipment they supplied was in great shape/clean and saved us a lot of time, effort and energy with our move. Its hard to find a combination of a great product, great management and great price, but these guys have this all sorted out at Box Save.

We used Box Save as part of our move from Boston out to the suburbs this Spring. Frankly, I wish these guys had been around for all of the last 10 years, when I moved around the Boston area not infrequently. Their service is super useful - sturdy reusable plastic crates dropped off for you to pack, then picked up weeks later at your new casa. What could be easier? Great products, great service, great attitude!

Fabulous service!! Great communication. Reasonable prices. On time hassle free delivery and pick up AND a really nice group of people behind this company. We will never buy a moving box again! Thank you Box Save for saving us time, money and a whole lot of recycling!
We ordered 2 dollies and 20 boxes. Wrapping paper too and we used all of the clean paper to wrap our clean household items and placed them in clean bins! Orderly process. Stacked 'em, wheeled them into storage and our contractor was thrilled to not have all that stuff in our condo while they worked. Reversed the process and voila! Box Save agreed to pick up two days early to remove. Perfect process.

It seems that with every move I undertake, I discover a new "moving hack" that will stay with me for every subsequent move.  This time, it was using Box Save.

It turns out that cardboard boxes are expensive... and wasteful... and unstable... and a pain in the neck to open back up when you realize that you didn't mean to pack something yet.  I think that my Box Save package ended up costing about as much as buying an equivalent package of cardboard boxes from UPS, but with a laundry list of extra benefits.  This doesn't even consider the cost savings if you hire movers that you're paying by the hour: because the boxes are so easy to manage, it took them much less time to move them to their truck than it would have if we had used cardboard.

Delivery and pick-up are included and spaced 3 weeks apart by default.  3 weeks ended up being just the right amount of time to pack, move in, and unpack.  Doran was kind enough to give us one extra day when we needed it to fully unpack too.  As an aside, I am positive that if we had used cardboard boxes, most of the boxes would still be unopened and several would stay that way until the next time we move.

The boxes are not too big or too small and stack sturdily on each other in your home and on moving trucks.  It was easy to open boxes back up as needed.  Since we weren't moving too far, we ended up doing a few trips back and forth with the same boxes to move the last few items that didn't fit originally.

I'm a "Box Save Evangelist" now and will be telling anyone who will listen about how great they are for moving.

I have never moved with anything other than cardboard boxes so I had no idea what to expect. I reached out to boxsave via their website and their online system is pretty great. I was able to get a reciept / confirmation within a few minutes and I was off to the races. On the day of boxsave dropping off the crates I rented; I was surprised to recieve a phonecall.

Yes, a live human. We chatted about the logistics and in-fact he was able to deliver them a few hours early. Once I recieved the crates, they were stacked on top of movable doilies with locks on the wheels. This made moving them around the house and into various rooms for packing a breeze! We received plenty of labels with our order as well. Overall the experience was extremely smooth, professional, and prompt.

These guys have the winning combination down. After we moved our own crates to the new place, I called boxsave and spoke with Dorian to tell him we were unpacked. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful to see that he could come get the boxes that day, and about 1 hour later they were all gone!

Overall, I would use boxsave again, and even recommended it to a few friends who helped me move. They were also grateful that these crates were stackable, easy to transport in a cargo van, durable and rugged.

Best of all, I don't have to spend time breaking down cardboard boxes and cutting tape in the aftermath, all that mess is just...gone.

Boxsave is priced competitively and fairly for the typical rental time of 2-3 weeks. I will absolutely be using their services again in the future and recommending it to everyone I know to give it a try. Very happy customer.

Pro-Tip hidden benefit - because they will come by and pick up their rental crates again at the end of your rental agreement; it really forces you to UNPACK your stuff. No more cardboard boxes sitting in the basement or garage unpacked and collecting dust in 2-3 years. I saw this as a benefit to GET IT DONE!

Seriously the best idea and best way to move! Renting boxes from Box Save was more economical than buying a moving kit of cardboard boxes and the reusable boxes were way more sturdy and easy to stack and transport. All around a better choice, not to mention you don't have to worry about getting rid of your moving boxes after your move, they come and pick them up! Thank you Box Save for being the easiest part of my move.

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