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Moving soon? Our goal is to make your move easier and relieve some of the stress.

In the past eight years, we've delivered over 200,000 reusable moving boxes throughout the Boston area. That's kept over 110 tons of cardboard out of the waste stream. If you're tired of the hassle and waste of cardboard boxes, you've come to the right place!

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We have used Box Save for our past three moves, and are so glad we did. Not only is this such a great service from an environmental perspective, but the boxes are really sturdy and make me feel much more confident about moving fragile items, rather than packing in flimsy cardboard boxes.

This is an amazing service. It made my move incredibly organized- despite moving during a pandemic with a toddler and infant. It is so much easier than putting boxes together and you don't have to recycle tons and tons of cardboard. The boxes were delivered and picked up easily and on time. Amazing!

Fabulous service!! Great communication. Reasonable prices. On time hassle free delivery and pick up AND a really nice group of people behind this company. We will never buy a moving box again! Thank you Box Save for saving us time, money and a whole lot of recycling!

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