Office Moving Boxes and Supplies

Are you looking for the easiest way to box up your office for a move or remodel? 

Plastic boxes have been the moving industry-standard for decades since they are stronger and easier to fill and stack than cardboard boxes.  As soon as you pack a box, flip the lids, and start packing the next one.  No tape required!

Standard size boxes are 27" x 17" x 12"Deep.  If you're packing a bookshelf or filing cabinet, each box holds approximately 2-feet of space. 

4-wheeled dollies are often used so employees don't have to do the heavy lifting.  Place an empty box on a dolly, fill it, put the next box on top, and repeat.  Then you or movers can roll 4 full boxes without lifting a thing! lists box rental companies across the United States. 

In the Boston area, Box Save rents packages ranging from 20-boxes up to 1000 or more.