Moving Totes

Why is everyone using plastic moving totes?  Because they are so easy to use compared with cardboard boxes.

There's no assembly required.  Attached Lid Totes nest in a stack when you're not using them, and when the lids are closed, they are strong enough that you can stack totes right on top of each other.

You've probably seen similar totes used by online food delivery services and at retailers like hardware stores and pharmacies.  They are sometimes called round-trip distribution containers since they are strong enough to be used again and again for stocking store shelves. 

One benefit of Moving totes is the built-in handles.  The handles make it much easier to carry and stack on top of each other than similar size cardboard boxes.

Since totes are built to last for 500+ uses, rental companies like Box Save pick them up, clean them and then deliver them again.  It's easier and more environmentally friendly than dragging single-use cardboard to the curb.

If you're moving in the Boston area, Box Save delivers and rents totes for residential and commercial moves. 

Outside of Boston?  Check out for tote rental companies in other cities.