Moving Bins

Moving Bins are the new way to move.  They've actually been used for decades for commercial moves, but now there are companies who rent them for residential moves.

Bins are already assembled, so no packing tape is required.  They nest inside each other in a stack before you use them.  And they have attached, folding lids so you can quickly close the lids (again no tape!), and start packing the next one.

The solid construction means moving bins are designed to stack on top of each other in your home, office and on moving trucks.

Moving bins also have built-in handles so they are easier to lift and carry.

The best part is there are companies that deliver rental bins to you.  After you're done packing and moving, they then get picked up, cleaned and sanitized, and rented out again.  It's much easier for you and the environment than buying and tossing single-use cardboard boxes.

If you're moving in Boston, Box Save delivers rental moving bins throughout the Greater Boston area.