Boston area apartment moves are easier with reusable boxes

If you're moving to a Boston area apartment, you'll find it easier with reusable moving boxes. 

For example, if you’re moving from one apartment building to another (or even within the same building), here are the “cardboard box” steps:  1) Drive around to find and buy cardboard boxes and tape. 2) drag them up the elevator and through the halls. 3) Assemble them while trying not to get too frustrated with the tape.  4) Pack, Move, and Unpack. 5) Cut the boxes and flatten them.  6) drag them to an elevator. 7) Dispose of them – hopefully they get recycled! 

Or, use the plastic moving box option: 1) Box Save delivers to you.  2) You pack and move.  3) Box Save picks them up when you're done.  And if you're moving within the same community, it's easy to roll up to four loaded boxes right down the hall to you new place.

Two Crates on Dolly

Reusable and single use moving boxes

No Trashy Moves!