4 Ways to Simplify your Move

Here are four time-tested tips to save time and money when you're moving:

1) Get rid of stuff - the less stuff you have, the less you have to move

Eat it: if you have a pantry full of food, eat it or donate it.

Sell it: Yard Sale, Craigslist

Give it away: Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Thrift Stores are all looking for quality donations.  See if your neighborhood has an "everything is free" facebook page or listserve.

2) Save Space

Use your towels, sheets and soft clothing to protect other items.  It saves space, and you'll need less single-use packing paper and bubble wrap. 

Put spices inside a pot instead of packing the spices and pot separately.

Put lawn tools in a trash can

Spice jars in a kitchen pot

3) Spread out the weight

If you're packing heavy items like books, spread out the weight. Your back and your movers will thank you. 

Two boxes with books on the bottom and a pillow on top are much easier to carry than a box full of books and a box full of pillows.

4) Use uniformly sized boxes

Uniformly-sized boxes are easier to stack in your existing space, easier to carry, easier to stack on a truck, and easier to stack in your new place.

Reusable boxes on truck